Newstead Primary School

A Great Country School
Newstead Primary School was established in 1877 and is a focal point of our country town. The School's original (and refurbished) redbrick building sits proudly in the large school grounds, alongside a number of recent building developments, including a new purpose-built art & technology building. The School has recently undergone extensive landscaping work to enhance the school grounds as well as creating new play and learning spaces for the children. This includes a new playground for the younger students, a vegie garden, sheltered outdoor 'classroom' and quieter retreat areas. The School has a current enrolment of 86 students, and is able to provide smaller class sizes.

The School has a strong focus on connecting with the school community as well as the wider district community. We provide many opportunities for families and the wider community to become involved in the education of our students. A number of activities are held regularly to promote this connection, including:
  • Weekly assembly led by Grade 6 students
  • Annual Grandparents & Friends Day
  • End of year picnic, concert & Grade 6 graduation events
  • Athletics carnival and swimming carnival
  • Annual student art exhibition at the Newstead Rural Transaction Centre
  • Mother's Day & Father's Day stalls
  • Annual education week activities
  • School choir performing at community events

School Values
Respect, Responsibility & Resilience are the values that we wish our students and School community to model. These values were adopted in 2008 in a process that involved the whole school community.

School Curriculum
Newstead Primary School provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum as well as offering extension and intervention programs across the curriculum, such as a reading recovery program.

Programs are provided through a mix of classroom and specialist teaching. This is strongly supported by a well equipped and resourced school library, visual arts (provided by local artist Karen Pierce) and music department (with specialty lessons available in guitar, piano or woodwind). In addition to a commitment to discipline-based learning in the Arts, English, Indonesian (LOTE), the Humanities, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education, Civics & Citizenship and Science the school offers a number of additional programs.This includes swimming, chess lessons, bike education, transition for Grades 5 & 6 incorporating assertiveness and conflict resolution, and preparation for puberty.

Children are expected to participate in daily physical education activities, and have the opportunity to participate in district and interschool sports such as athletics, orienteering, netball, soccer, swimming and cross country running.

The School is commited to ensuring that the children have access to the most up to date digital technologies as part of the Information Communications Technology learning. There are four interactive whiteboards for use in the school, and a ratio of 1:5 school computers for student use.

Excursions, Educational Visits & Camps
The school prides itself on the great range and diversity of camps and excursions that it offers its students annually. These play an important role in the life of a student in terms of academic as well as social benefits. Examples of current camps offered to the children include Boomerang Horseriding Camp in Daylesford, and Portsea Camp.

Opportunities for Parent Participation
The School welcomes the involvement of parents and guardians. Parents and guardians are invited to take an active part in the life and operation of our School. Some of the ways to assist at the School include:
  • assist with numeracy and literacy programs
  • assist on excursions or camps
  • collect material for class use
  • help with sporting activities
  • help with the school vegetable garden
  • help a child or class practice a particular skill
  • be mentors for children working on particular tasks
Parents can also join or help out with our Parents' Club. This is a great way to meet other parents, as well as fundraise, and plan activities and events for the School.

School Council
The School Council is a legally elected body of people that has a role of setting the long term future of the School and maintaining oversight (but not management) of the School's operation. The Newstead School Council comprises of teachers, the Principal, a community member and elected parents. They  meet once a month and report back to the general school community via the school newsletter and Annual Report. The current School Council President is Kylie Richardson.

Junior School Council
The Junior School Council is made up of students that are elected annually by the student body. It consists of students from all grades assisted by a teacher. This Council provides a forum for students to discuss and present concerns and ideas, as well as come up with fun events and activities for the school. They also raise funds to support their own activities, such as building a beach volleyball court. The Junior School Council reports monthly to the School Council on its ideas and activities.

Welfare & Discipline
The School has a Student Welfare Policy which encourages children to acquire full responsibility for their own actions, and which protects the rights of all members of the school community. It provides a framework for all children to have the opportunity to learn to the maximum of their ability and for teachers to provide high quality teaching.

Students who demonstrate responsible behaviour are recognised in a variety of positive ways, such as 'Student of the Week' awards. Students who behave in ways that are offensive, harmful or disruptive to other students will be disciplined in line with the School's Behaviour Management Plan.

School Bus Service

A school bus is available for those students who reside at leas 4.8km from the school, and services the districts of Sandon, Joyces Creek, Strathlea, Campbelltown and Welshmans Reef.

We welcome prospective families visiting our School. Please call the School to organise a visit.


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