Newstead Paddle and Canoe Club

The Newstead Paddle Club is alive!!
The res is full again so why not form a canoe club? The club is open to any paddle powered water craft so if you have a canoe lying around....dust off the cobwebs, extricate the mouse nests and bring it down.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 615pm the club sets off from the Welshmans Reef Caravan Park entrance. Normally for an hours exercise at your own pace.
Every Sunday at 10-1030am we set off with adventure in our hearts, who knows where we might end up.

Membership is $30 which joins you to Canoeing Australia, covers personal insurance and a tidbit goes to the club coffers.

Racing is available if you need the motivation

Contact Details

Contact Wes
Phone 03 54762415
Mobile 0412386685


An initiative of Newstead 2021