Paddle and Canoe Club

The Newstead Paddle and Canoe Club are out on the water and doing it in style! We have a six seater outrigger canoe (OC6) and welcome adults of any age and paddling experience to come along and try at one of our training sessions. The Tuesday night (6pm) and Sunday morning (10:30am) sessions have been well attended and the OC6 has gone out every session (weather permitting) – often with an entourage of kayaks, skis and even a couple of K1s! The club has welcomed a range of
new members, from the brand new to paddling, right through to some really experienced paddlers who inspire all of us. As well as increasing fitness, paddling in a group is a great way to get some simple tips from the more experienced paddlers and really add to your paddling style. Hope to see you on the water one day soon!

Wes Martin (0412 386 685)
An initiative of Newstead 2021