Newstead Public Cemetery

May, 2017.
At the recent General Meeting of the Newstead Public Cemetery someone raised the subject of grave dowsing, looking for unmarked graves.
Thinking I would like to have a go at that, one of the Trust Members suggested Googling Grave Dowsing. There was a rather interesting and informative item on the subject with instructions on making dowsing rods out of coat hangers.  After coercing my trusty husband into making these for me, a couple of us took off for the cemetery, lo and behold all worked well, when passing over a grave the rods cross then uncross when passed and cross again and so forth.
I am trying to establish where the graves begin and end in the public sections of the cemetery.  If you are into interesting things of this nature, Google, Grave Dowsing and when equipped have a go yourself, but be aware it does not work for everyone.  One public section of the cemetery is, when entering the main gate, is that expanse of ground to the left of the path.
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