Newstead Pool Supports the Community

The Newstead & District Pool Committee handed out over $10,000 in grants to local community groups this week. This money was raised by past and present fundraising efforts by the volunteers involved with the Newstead pool.  "It is a testament to the success of the local pool and its volunteer network that we can provide this support to other community groups in Newstead. The success of our pool comes from our volunteers and the local management of the pool. There is real pride and a sense of community ownership of our pool", said Newstead Pool President Sue Pollard.

The recipients of the grants were the Newstead & District Youth Club for sporting equipment, the
Newstead Primary School to refurbish their library, the Newstead Bowling Club for pumps and equipment, the Racecourse Recreation Reserve for the amenities block upgrade, the Newstead Community Garden for seating and tables, and the Newstead Recreation Reserve for new seating around the oval.

The Pool Committee floated the idea of the grants to support the community. It is an acknowledgement for all of the support the pool has received from the community since it opened in 1963. The grants were given to groups that supported the social or sporting health of the Newstead and district community.

"It‘s great to able to support these groups who are also essential to the fabric of Newstead life", commented Sue Pollard.

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