Newstead Echo 100 years ago

March 20, 1918.
The Newstead Church of England has been erected 50 years, and the event will be celebrated in April.

The cold snap which set in on Thursday night will no doubt stop the wanderings of numerous snakes which have been about the locality this year. An old resident Mr C Stewart, who has been working in the bush, and amongst the haunts of the reptiles for the greater part of his life, states that he has never known them to be so plentiful as this year. One day lately three snakes, all well grown, were killed within a short distance of one another. It is stated that a farmer, who resides on the Loddon, came in contact with a reptile of such immense size that he received a shock from which it took him time to recover. Last week Mr I Stewart has a stirring encounter in the bush near a place known as "Jimmy Affleck's selection" with a huge specimen of the brown variety, measuring 6 feet 6 inches, and as thick as a man's arm. The snake was in a bare patch, covered with scanty grass and when Mr Stewart came across him at once assumed the aggressive, and showed fight. Mr Stewart had no weapon handy with exception of a small stone, with which he managed to hit the reptile not very far from the tail, and the blow stopped its advance until a weapon was secured to silence him. Residents will be very pleased when the cool weather sets in, when mushrooms are plentiful and snakes have rolled away.

Research courtesy of Janet Trudgeon.
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