Newstead Echo 100 years ago

SEPTEMBER 19, 1917
The general cry now is "will we never have a period of dry weather?" During the past week Newstead has had two floods. On Wednesday the river rose early in the evening and overflowed its banks, rising up the levee 2 feet.  After two rainless days rain again set in about 11 o'clock on Saturday, and showers fell during the night.  On Sunday it rained steadily until 9am and then followed a heavy fall, which brought the Green Gully Creek down and soon the flats were covered.  About 5pm the Loddon rose and water was soon running between the levee and the bridge.  At 8pm it was impossible for pedestrians or motor cars to get over and some motorists who came from Melbourne through Maryborough had an exciting time.  On reaching Joyces Creek about 6pm the chauffeur endeavoured to drive through the crossing near the Railway station but the car stopped mid stream, and he had to get Mr W Frankling's horse to pull the car out.  They reached Newstead about 7pm but were unable to get beyond the junction of the Joyces Creek and Butter Factory roads, and were compelled to seek shelter for the night, two householders each taking three of the tourists.  From Tuesday, the 11th inst. until 9am Tuesday 236 points were registered at the local post office.

Research courtesy of Janet Trudgeon.
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