Newstead Echo 100 years ago

February 7th, 1917.

We all know the fable about the mice deciding to Bell the Cat, but who was to it was the trouble. Newstead has a somewhat similar mystery at present, and the question asked, is "Who unbelled the Cow?" A local resident has a cow, and it carries or used to carry a bell. There is no doubt that one of the most melodious sounds in the country is the tinkle of a cowbell 'at a distance', but when the cow crops the couch grass close to the Village Church, and has to be driven away during service, or when, like the miners, it works 8 hours from bank to bank - the National to the levee - and at night time, when all good souls seek sleep, then the cow with the crumpled horn becomes a nuisance. the mice met and wrapped the tongue of the bell in soft swaddling clothes - a gentle hint meekly given. the owner indignantly removed this, and allowed the cow to wander again. At the next meeting more vigorous measures were adopted, since when the bell has been missing altogether. Now the return of the bell is sought, and two shillings reward offered for the name of the culprits. From what is heard at the street corners, the recovery of the bell is improbable, and there is little fear of the reward being claimed.

Research courtesy of Janet Trudgeon.
An initiative of Newstead 2021