Newstead Echo 100 years ago

October 25, 1916
On Sunday last there was a remarkable downfall of rain in portions of this district, in some places as much as 4 1/2 inches fell in a few hours.  The deep creek at Werona and Campbelltown rose to a height unknown in the history of the oldest inhabitant, Mr E Culvenor, who has known the district for fifty years never saw flood waters so high or rise so rapidly before.  The bridge on the Campbelltown road was washed away and portions of it were carried down as far as Mr T O'Connor's place. Mr O'Connor states that the water there was never known to be so high before the memory of white man. Mr Coutts wool shed at Joyce's Creek was flooded up to a depth of 1 foot and many bales of wool stacked for removal will have to be re-opened. The bridge at Joyce's Creek was also damaged. At the present moment the Newstead to Campbelltown, and Newstead to Maryborough roads are closed to traffic until repairs are made to the two bridges. The Green Gully Creek rose rapidly and soon flooded the Newstead flats, and in the Jim Crow Creek the previous high water marks were soon covered. About 10 pm a telephone message came through from Hepburn that there had been 4 1/2 inches of rain, and to warn Newstead. At midnight the water was well up the levee bank, but little anxiety was felt as the rain had ceased, and by morning the flood waters had disappeared. The levee bank was a long time being tested, but now for the third time in two months it has saved Newstead from being inundated.

Research courtesy of Janet Trudgeon.
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