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To all the visitors to the pool, thank you for your patronage and we hope that you are enjoying your time at our wonderful facility. We at Newstead are very proud of our facility and the way in which it is run. The positive comments we receive are great.

The work of the committee and volunteers has been great – thank you.

We started the season with the school swimming programme where our resident lifeguard/swim teacher
commented that the skills the children are displaying in the water are well advanced. We have since had Vic Swim – and private swim lessons.


On a more serious note we also feel that educating adults about supervision of their young children is an ongoing issue for us.

Life Saving Victoria recommend that parents/carers need to be within arms reach of their children. Three young children have had to be pulled out of the water by the lifeguard this year in severe difficulties, or potentially risky situations.

One lifeguard commented that the child wasn‘t even struggling or coughing. It shows how easily
drowning can happen if our attention is elsewhere and a child falls underwater.

The lifeguards are trained in rescue, water safety and keeping the facility safe for all. Their job focuses on prevention and education around the pool.

If you are attending the pool with your young children please watch them. It is your responsibility, the lifeguard cannot watch everyone. If they approach you and ask you to watch your child, please do not be offended but remember that the pool while a place of great fun is also a place of potential danger.

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