Education Week at Newstead Primary School

During Education Week from 17 to 21 May, Newstead Primary School had a variety of activities to showcase the school, as well as providing extra-curricular activities for the enjoyment of the school community.

To kick off the week, we had "Adventurescope" - a Math and Science show.  The production was highly entertaining, involving many of the students being part of the act, had a learning focus and importantly, was fun.

Tuesday morning provided parents and community members with an opportunity to visit the school.  The tours were led by our school captains.  What stood out as one walked around the school was the fantastic art work engaged in, and completed by the students during their learning in each class room.

Wednesday was all about music and demonstrated by our open choir led superbly by Deb Ferguson.  Deb has worked tirelessly with our junior and senior choirs.

On Friday morning all the students had an opportunity to be involved in a variety of recreational activities, some not normally available at school.  The activities included netball, football, cooking, drama, karate, craft, collage and tracking (Guides).  Thank you to the family and community members and groups who assisted with running the various activities.

Jason Lee
An initiative of Newstead 2021