Community Garden - November Planting Notes

At our last working bee, we planted two beds of spuds – 13 varieties in all – in trenches, with a good helping of dynamic lifter (composted chook manure), rock dust and well rotted cow manure.  As the spuds grow, we will fill in the trenches with more soil, mounding them up, to ensure a prolific harvest.

A ‘good bug mix’ was sown around the fruit trees, and as ‘islands’ in the middle of the mandala plots. This seed mix, including dill, coriander, Queen Anne’s lace, clover, sweet Alice, caraway and anise, will attract ‘good bugs’ that eat the ‘bad bugs’.

Seeds for the communal plots are springing up in our newly covered hothouse – thanks to Doug and Geoff – including tomatoes, beans, lettuce, basil, pumpkin, melons and eggplant. The strawberries are flowering and beginning to fruit. The garlic is starting to bulb and form cloves underground. The asparagus has grown through its first season – we may have some to harvest this time next year. The dwarf fruit trees are leafing out and some have even put out a few flowers.

Has all this activity got you inspired? The November Garden Notes have just been posted – all the more reason to get out in the garden!

Janet Barker

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