Busy Winter in the Community Garden

"Remember, how it used to rain every day we had a
meeting about the garden?"

"I love the magpies waiting for me to go, to keep

“One of the special moments for me was when I
harvested my first vegetable. And I said, "I grew that!""

"I think communal gardening is just so much more than
simply gardening in a group."

We celebrated our first birthday last month. Fantastic to see such growth and productivity after only one year, helped by a favourable season and keen gardeners. The quotes above were some from our feedback session.

We enjoyed a pot luck lunch, with much of it grown in the garden or close to home: Jerusalem artichoke soup, a lovely curry with spuds and pumpkin, green tomato pie, salads, quince paste, lemon delicious, and of course the iconic community garden chestnut and rosemary cake. We also planted garlic in the communal beds and shared the harvest of pumpkins and Jerusalem artichokes.

Discussions and footage from the day (thanks Karly, Gen and Melissa) will help form our presentation for BudaFest in August. More on that in the next Echo but keep August 26th - 28th free; it looks a fantastic program.

Welcome to new plot holders Jodie Campbell and Ros Hunt. It‘s not too late if you‘d like to join up as a digger and though all of our individual plots are currently taken, we are creating more, so register your interest with Liz Bell or Mary Park.

In June we planted summer and autumn fruiting raspberries, boysenberries and loganberries. Along with the strawberries, our garden should yield sweet delights from December through to April or May.

Arts Victoria have contacted us to say our proposal for grant funding was successful.  We will be seeking expressions of interest from local artists, gardeners and craftspeople to contribute. We want to
involve the many creative artisans of Newstead to make our garden a place of beauty and spirit. The proposed date for the first workshop is Sunday July 24, with our scheduled Pot Luck Lunch. Watch our website for more details.

The cold weather slows plant growth but we‘ll still be active in July. Coming Events: Produce Exchange - Saturday 2nd, Working Bee - Friday 15th/Sunday 17th, Pot Luck shared meal and workshop - Sunday 24th.at 1.pm

BudaFest Program: http://www.budacastlemaine.org/buda_fest-2009-v2.html;
Newstead Community Garden: www.newsteadgarden.wordpress.com

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