Upgrade to Newstead Tankers and other News

The safety of fire-fighters is the top priority for the CFA. The two Newstead tankers have recently been upgraded to help protect crew and vehicles in the event they are trapped in a fire. The tankers have been fitted with units to spray water over the cabin and crew areas at the height of the fire. Reflective curtains have also been fitted to the cabin and crew areas to provide additional protection from radiant heat. Brigade members will be trained in operation of the new safety equipment during
the next month.

CFA Turnouts

At the Waterhole

The best places to see birds at this time of year usually involve water. Even a tiny bush dam will reward a patient observer; species that are often very difficult to observe in other situations can be seen at close quarters. Early morning and approaching dusk on hot days are the best
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Words in Winter Festival

The Words in Winter Festival will again be held this August, with events in and around Newstead.

It's time to start thinking about it now!

If you have any ideas or there are things you would like to see included, please contact me and let's consider a meeting in March.

Angela Down - 5476 2276 or

Newstead Community Garden

It doesn‘t make sense to be gardening in the hottest months of the year, apart from regular watering and zucchini picking, but if you want to be eating vegetables through autumn and winter, January and February are exactly when you should be planting and tending seeds and seedlings. A couple of crops (leave a week or three between plantings to get an ongoing supply) of carrot, parsnip, cauli, broccoli, cabbage, kale, silver beet, beetroot, leeks, brussel sprouts, just for starters! Warm soil and regular watering will mean rapid germination and growth.

Newstead Racecourse and Recreation Reserve Public Meeting - 17 March 2012

Notice is given of a Public Meeting to be held at Newstead Racecourse on Saturday 17th March 2012 commencing at 10.00 am.

The purpose of the meeting is to nominate no less than three (3) or more than nine (9) persons as a committee of management for the Newstead Racecourse & Recreation Reserve for a term of three years.

The Current Committee will expire on 17th March 2012.

All positions will be declared open and nominations will be accepted prior to or on the day. Nominations from women are encouraged.

News and Reflections from a Councillor's Desk - February 2012

By the time this column is published, Newstead Live will have been celebrated and enjoyed by
many. My congratulations are extended to the large team that makes it all happen. We had some challenging moments in the lead up to the event, the Council in its wisdom laid new footpaths a week before Newstead Live, damaging some property and threatening the footpath trading of Dig Cafe. Council officers were quickly on the scene and seemed to solve the problems identified.

Fun at Newstead Pool

It's been a great season at the Newstead Swimming Pool.

Lots of children have benefited from the Vic Swim and other swimming lessons offered at the pool.  A regular group of keen pool volunteers meets a couple of mornings a week for lap swimming.

And there are many people appreciating the clear, cool waters and beautiful surrounds.  Enjoy a swim of course, but barbeques, picnics and cricket are also regular features at our fantastic pool.

Come down and see for yourself.

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Staying Cool at Newstead Pool

Bumper crowds enjoyed Newstead Swimming Pool over the Australia Day long weekend.  Almost one thousand people came through the gates keen to cool down after a string of hot days and nights.  The pool hosted a community barbeque, and ran games and activities to celebrate Australia Day.


Newstead Live! 2012

Newstead Live! is about to commence for 2012.

The music festival will see world class performers in intimate performance spaces, concerts, workshops, sessions, black board spots, 3 stages, 2 village pubs, 2 cafes, bakery, grocery, Troubadour wine bar, poets breakfast, Australia’s original Trad disco!, excellent camping, good food, swimming pool, spacious setting and no sound spill between venues...


Newstead Community Library Annual Book Sale

We are holding our Annual Book Sale on the Festival Weekend in January to raise funds for 2012.  We have boxes of books we cannot include in the Library because we are running out of space or we already have them - great books to take home!

Several people have asked lately about the Community Library Book Club or Reading Group.  Are you interested in joining a new group in 2012?  Please leave your name at the RTC or contact me anytime.

Suzne Redlande
An initiative of Newstead 2021