Pocket Gallery is now on Facebook

If you are into social media you will be pleased to know that Pocket Gallery now has a Facebook page.
We will be regularly updating the page with new artworks and upcoming exhibs. While we are still lining up new exhibs for this year, we have been posting some excellent works from our brief but beautiful history - such as Sally Roadnight's 'mud map'.
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Music Festival for Landmine Clearance - 2-3 February

A two day music festival being held at Newstead Racecourse raising money to support landmine clearance in Lao. Held on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February featuring a huge line up of local bands including:

Inaugural Newstead Australia Day Market & Fair

The inaugural Newstead Australia Day Market & Fair will be held on Saturday 26 January 2013 on the grounds of the Newstead Primary School in Lyons Street.


Planning for Newstead

What would you chuck, change, add or retain about Newstead?

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Newstead gardens in Festival

Spring is a fabulous time to be wandering around in other people's gardens if you're not digging in your own .... our Newstead Community Garden is part of this year's Castlemaine Festival of Gardens, along with Roger McKindley's Antares Art Garden - both are well worth a visit to Newstead! 

Chopped Rod and Custom 2012 - October 5, 6 & 7 - Newstead Racecourse

Hot Rods and rock music get back to their roots for the annual Chopped Rod & Custom a three-day festival where pre-1965 style custom cars and music fanatics from across Australia roll into Victoria.

Words in Winter

Words in Winter 2014

"Words on the Wild Side"

Mikado Tickets

To use PayPal to purchase tickets for the Mikado (2pm Sunday 17th August, Mechanic's Hall, Newstead Community Centre) visit this site 
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Focus on Newstead photo-narrative project

On the 24 June 2012 the "Focus on Newstead" photo-narrative project was opened, followed by a "Speak Out" planning session, where the community was invited to bring along their ideas and passions for the town of Newstead and its surrounds.

The “Focus on Newstead” Exhibition was up at the RTC and Pocket Gallery until 27 July 2012 and will shortly be available for viewing on the Newstead Community Website.
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Community Bank distributes record grants amount

The (MDCB) Maldon & District Community Bank® Branch has distributed a record $239,000 in grants to community groups and organisations this year.  The money, in amounts ranging from $550 to $24,000, was presented to forty successful grant applicant groups in Maldon on June 4th. More than $64,000 went to Newstead groups.  In addition, the bank also announced its largest single
sponsorship for a new community initiative, valued at $100,000 over five years. The money will fund community buses in Newstead and Baringhup/Maldon.

Community Bus for Newstead

The Maldon and District Community Bank has announced a sponsorship for $50,000 over the next five years to enable the Newstead community (and surrounding areas, including Guildford) to lease a 12-seater community bus.

We have formed a Newstead Community Bus Committee to guide the process of setting up and running the bus. On the committee are Lee Braddon, Cherie Titman, Pam Adams (from Guildford), Sue Moses (Transport Connections Officer at Council) and Michael Redden.
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