Newstead Echo

WIRELESS NOTES - 26th November, 1924.

    While a low aerial will get signals, a high one in the same location
will get them better.
    One stage of radio frequency will improve the tuning qualities
of a single circuit set.
    The low current consumption valves will run off your battery a long time
without having it re-charged.
    Careful study of the way and wherefore of your set will amply repay you
in signal strength.

Newstead Live! Music Festival

The 2014 festival will be on 24 to 27 January in the historic country town of Newstead, near Castlemaine, Central Victoria - 90 minutes from Melbourne.

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Brighten the Night for Starlight

On Saturday 11 January 2014, the Newstead Racecourse will host "Brighten the Night for Starlight".

See the attached flyer for more information.

Chopped Rod & Custom - 5 - 6 October 2013

Hot Rods and rock music get back to their roots for the annual Chopped Rod & Custom a three-day festival where pre-1965 style custom cars and music fanatics from across Australia roll into Newstead.


Words in Winter

Words in Winter is upon us - and it most certainly is winter! Put on a warm coat and go somewhere cosy, to enjoy the sharing of WORDS in all their glory.

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Newstead Short Story Tattoo 3 - 5 May

Newstead Short Story Tattoo arrives again in May 2013 championing storytelling in all forms with an infectious, seductive and engaging arrangement of sessions such as Survival Stories, Horror Stories, Earth Stories, Sticky Stories, Sisters Salon, Nano Narratives, Scripted Stories, as well as the signature, outdoor, surround sound, storytelling extravaganza Fire Stories.

Antares Iron Art Garden Open for Festival

Antares Iron Art Garden will be open daily during the Castlemaine State Festival.

We'll be there on March 3 - will you? Countdown to Community Planning Day

Nick Hudson - I’ll be there because we could have some really good, practical outcomes from the day, especially for us ‘oldies’.

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