Dunolly Gilbert and Sullivan Society and Newstead Words in Winter Present The Mikado

The Dunolly Society staged this production last year to great acclaim in their Town Hall and this year they return to the stage in Dunolly and in Newstead. The performance is scintillating and this time enriched by some Newstead voices.

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Snippets from the Newstead Echo

2nd JULY, 1924.

The wandering cow nuisance, especially after nightfall, is again very bad, and a number of motorists have been fortunate in escaping serious injury during the past week. Two poddies were lying on the centre of the Loddon bridge at an early hour on Monday evening, and in trying to avoid them a motorist narrowly escaped skidding his car into the railing.  Street verandahs are used as camping grounds by cows, horses and poddies.

Research courtsey of Janet Trudgeon.

Newstead Echo 100 Years Ago


The old post office building, which was advertised for sale for removal some time ago, has been disposed of to Mr Jens Hansen for the sum of 40 pound.  The building is of brick and contains 9 rooms.  Mr Hansen endeavoured to buy the land, about half acre, but the department refused to sell.  the building was condemned some years ago after a big flood.

Newstead Echo

WIRELESS NOTES - 26th November, 1924.

    While a low aerial will get signals, a high one in the same location
will get them better.
    One stage of radio frequency will improve the tuning qualities
of a single circuit set.
    The low current consumption valves will run off your battery a long time
without having it re-charged.
    Careful study of the way and wherefore of your set will amply repay you
in signal strength.

Newstead Live! Music Festival

The 2014 festival will be on 24 to 27 January in the historic country town of Newstead, near Castlemaine, Central Victoria - 90 minutes from Melbourne.

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Brighten the Night for Starlight

On Saturday 11 January 2014, the Newstead Racecourse will host "Brighten the Night for Starlight".

See the attached flyer for more information.

Chopped Rod & Custom - 5 - 6 October 2013

Hot Rods and rock music get back to their roots for the annual Chopped Rod & Custom a three-day festival where pre-1965 style custom cars and music fanatics from across Australia roll into Newstead.


Words in Winter

Words in Winter is upon us - and it most certainly is winter! Put on a warm coat and go somewhere cosy, to enjoy the sharing of WORDS in all their glory.

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