Newstead Echo 100 years ago

DECEMBER 1, 1915.
Last week's cold snap was not appreciated by gardeners and orchardists who report having sustained considerable damage by a severe frost on Tuesday night. Tomatoes, french beans and melon plants were nipped in the garden plots, and in some orchards young apples were affected. Snow fell on Mt. Franklin on Tuesday.

JANUARY 19, 1916.

We need you!!

We need more kiosk volunteers at the Newstead Pool - so why not consider signing up and helping out!

It’s a great way to meet new people, get involved in the community and contribute to the best locally run little pool in Australia.  And it’s fun too.

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Chopped 2-3-4 October 2015

It’s that time of year again!

A throw back in time to a 1950s/60s HopUp Carnival! Hundreds of cars and bikes rattled by the sounds of 25+ bands belting the roots of rock music to thousands of Rockers, Petrol Heads, Hipsters & Greasers.

Chopped is drag racing where it started in the dirt!


Newstead Public Cemetery


Newstead Echo 100 years ago

Newstead Water supply.

Words in Winter 2015

It’s nearly August and that, in Newstead means a celebration of words in and around this town – Words in Winter.

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Newstead Echo 100 years ago

JULY 7, 1915
Letters from the Front.

Writing to his parents from Malta, Private Birkin has the following to say:-
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