Wanted - Water Diviner

Ken and Dawn Falstead are searching for a local water diviner to search on their property. If you are or know of anyone who can help, you can contact Ken or Dawn on 5474 8248 or 0427748248

Church building Live!

All Saints Anglican Church again loved being the venue for concerts and gigs during the Newstead Live! Folk Festival during the January long weekend. It was good to have some visitors worshipping with us on the Sunday too.

Swimming Pool Open!

The Newstead and District Pool Inc welcomes you to the start of the 2009/10 season.

The pool has undergone a complete facelift since last season, thanks largely to council funding and much work by pool volunteers. The most noticeable change is in the color of the building, which is still undergoing its transformation from the original 60's brickwork to what will be a visually splendid mural adorning the walls as patrons arrive.
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Newstead Echo - Community Newspaper Finalists

The Newstead Echo has achieved success with its first submission to the Community Newspapers of Victoria Awards.

The Echo was a finalist in the "Best newsletter 12 pages or fewer" category, only being piped to the post by the larger Kyneton Connect.

The Echo committee would like to thank everyone in the community who contributes to the newspaper - it is your success just as much as ours.
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Spring Wildflowers around Newstead

We are certainly having an amazing Spring. The good rain we experienced throughout September and October has given rise to a terrific wildflower season with mass flowering of orchids and lilies everywhere.  This photograph of  Spotted Sun-orchids Thelymitra ixioides was taken recently in the Rise and Shine Reserve at Clydesdale. It was part of a spectacular colony of about fifty plants. This species seems to be flowering a little later than the Scented Sun-orchid which is also found in the same area.

October News and Reflections from the Councillor's Desk

By the time this column is published, a tender will have been let for the new bridge to be built in Fishermans Road, Welshmans Reef.  This means that the project is moving ahead on schedule.  The Council has been investigating the issue of pedestrian access to Newstead township from across the Loddon and we should be alert for the change to comment on any plans/suggestions produced.  We should realise that the possibility of a pedestrian bridge as an extension of Canrobert Street is just one of the options being considered.  I understand that VicRoads have been part of the

Community Walk #137

Sunday 23 August saw another very enjoyable walk led by Frances.  We walked in the Muckleford Forest along the Mia Mia Tract where nature was kind enough to lift her drab grey skirts and reveal to us some of her treasurers.  Orchids in bloom were Pink Fingers, Blue Caladenias and Leopard Orchids and several different Greenhoods.  We surprised some kangaroos and saw the aftermath of an echidna digging up an ants nest.

Rob Grahame.

Preschool Enrolments for 2010

Enrolments are now being taken for 2010 at the Newstead Preschool.  Please contact Jo on 5476 2688 by 30 October.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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Open to Suggestions at the RTC

Following on from a staff member's idea, the RTC has now opened a suggestion box so that we can be more responsive to the needs of the wider Newstead community.

We are interested in your thoughts and opinions for developing the services here, so if there is something you think could improve the Centre, come by and drop your ideas in the suggestion box.

Revamped Internet Cafe Up and Running

The first stage of the RTC computer review and replacement program has been successfully completed with the installation of three high speed computers at the RTC.  These can also offer the option of colour printing for the first time.
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