Newstead Echo

April 29th, 1947,
Large Gathering at Anzac Celebrations.

Anzac day was commemorated at Newstead with the laying of wreaths at the War Memorial and a service at the Mechanics' Institute on Sunday afternoon.
Appropriate music was provided by the Castlemaine Foundry Band under the baton of Bandmaster Desmond. The band headed the march to the hall, about 20 returned serviceman taking part.

April 2nd, 1957.

Rural Fire Brigade Receives New Fire Fighting Unit.

Newstead Echo 100 years ago

MARCH 14, 1917.
   In Newstead, as elsewhere there is a plaque of mice. They appear to be doing much damage to haystacks. About the paddocks there are hundreds of little holes where the pest is living. Some farmers are of the opinion that when seedling time comes the mice will eat the wheat after being sown by a drill. In the house they are working havoc on wallpaper, and the noise they make renders sleep almost impossible. Although poisoning is being resorted to, the plaque does not appear to get any less.

Newstead Echo 100 years ago

February 7th, 1917.

Newstead Echo 100 years ago

December 6, 1916.

Visit Newstead for the Festival of Gardens

Next weekend the little town of Newstead will be part of the Castlemaine and Districts Festival of Gardens with four inspiring and very different gardens to visit. 


Newstead Echo 100 years ago

NOVEMBER 15, 1916.

"Then and Now" Exhibition


Chopped 2016

Chopped is drag racing where it started, in the dirt! 

Newstead Echo 100 years ago

September 6, 1916.
With this issue "The Newstead Echo" enters upon its 20th year of publication.

We grieve to learn that the shelter shed at the Newstead Primary School is being used after school hours as a favourite resort for young couples.  The other day a lady's comb was found in the building and has been handed to us.  The owner can have same by calling at "Echo" office.
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