Roger McKindley Antares Iron Art Garden

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Situated at the Loddon River Ford at Newstead, Antares Iron Art Garden is an established art and sculpture garden created by Roger McKindley.  A qualified landscape gardener of many years’ experience, a stoneworker and self-taught artist and sculptor, Roger has created beautiful Art Gardens wherever he has lived over the last 20 years.

 Found objects of bone, stone, wood, glass and iron, are sited creatively in the space where he lives and works, to form unique and entrancing patterns and images. The whole space is a kind of installation, where visitors are free to roam and explore – finding themselves by turns entertained, beguiled, uplifted and moved.

 This is a garden in constant flux, brimming with discovered and rediscovered treasures which are arranged and re-arranged to suit its creator. Nothing is extraneous. Roger finds beauty in the objects he finds and the things that others abandon – he brings these objects together into an enlivened and creative whole giving them new life. There is always something new to see.

 He says, “My art can be interpreted and re-interpreted from every angle and in different environments… different seasons. In the changing light, in shadow and full moon or in rain, however you approach the art I make, you will see it change over and over.”

 Antares is open regularly to the public, during festivals and arts events, on weekends and by appointment. Throughout the year the garden receives hundreds of visitors from our local region and beyond, many of whom return again and again, finding inspiration and joy.

 You will find Antares Iron Art Garden on the outskirts of Newstead, at the corner of Brandt St and Punt Rd, (off the Newstead – Daylesford Road, C285)

 Entry $5 (Children free)




By the Loddon River ford
Corner Brandt St and Punt Rd (aka Loddon River Rd)
Off Daylesford - Newstead Rd
Newstead 3462

Contact Details

Mobile 0447 229149


An initiative of Newstead 2021