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The Alexander Technique is a powerful, long-lasting technique for reducing back and neck pain that guides you into a better use of your spine. You won't believe how strong your spine can feel after a few lessons!

In 2008 a large scientific study found the Alexander Technique to be highly effective and long-lasting for chronic lower back pain. You can find a description of the study here.

Improved Performance

The Alexander Technique is also a performance tool for those who want to run better, play football better or play a musical instrument better or for those wanting to stop injuring themselves all the time.

Anyone Can Do It!

Feeling too sore for Yoga? The Alexander Technique is so unstrenuous that anybody can benefit. You can apply the Alexander Technique in a wheelchair or on a trampoline with equal ease.

Worried about the cracks and crunches you get with osteopaths and chiropractors? Not here. I guide with my hands but I never manipulate.

A Tip for Those with Back Pain

Choose a comfortable carpet or rug to lie on. The surface should be firm but not hard. Get a small pile of paperback books and lie face-up with your head resting on the books. Your head should feel comfortable, otherwise change the height of the books. Bend your knees and point them at the ceiling, feet flat.

Do this once a day for 10-20 minutes. This technique takes the pressure off your spinal discs and replenishes your energy before a night out or after a hard morning. You will actually grow physically by a centimetre or more.

There are more tips at my website

How I Work

I work one-to-one or with groups.

One-to-one, I guide you as you stand, sit, move or lie on a table. I guide you through simple movements with my hands and give verbal feedback. Alexander Technique can feel challenging at times but it's always gentle. I never crack or crunch your body like a chiropractor or osteopath.

"not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for my lessons with Nick." -- Liz, Wimmera

"how could something this simple make such a big difference?"-- Scott, Clunes

In groups, we work on a range of activities that leave you feeling relaxed, strong and clear-headed. They're fun, simple and a revelation about how easy things can be. Groups are a great way to dip a toe in the Alexander Technique water. To hear about forthcoming groups, please subscribe yourself here or ring me, Nick Mellor, on 0458 192 321.

I also take groups of people running and swimming.

"...the best thing I've done in months!" -- Bill, Guildford

"the old Mary went for a walk one day and has never come back."-- Mary, Castlemaine

My Clients

Among my clients are writers, musicians, runners, computer operators, nurses, acrobats, business people, truck drivers, AFL players, children with balance or tension problems and retirees. 

About Nick

I've been teaching the Alexander Technique for 9 years and taught computing and IT for 10 years before that. I'm an amateur pianist and son of the Australian pianist Sally Mellor. My family (Liz, Sam and Wilf) and I moved to Newstead in 2009 from the Lake District in England.

I found the Alexander Technique myself when I had a serious lower back injury in my 20s, then nearly lost the use of my hands to repetitive strain injury.

I teach from home in Newstead and visit businesses on-site to help them improve business performance and staff morale. Back pain is a huge, nationwide epidemic. One person in four has back pain right now. The Alexander Technique is one of our best tools for correcting this situation-- and it was invented in Australia!


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