Dave Hall Consulting

Dave Hall Consulting is a premier free/open source solutions provider for businesses of any size.

Based in Newstead, Victoria, Australia DHC has been providing IT services to businesses for almost a decade. Over this time we have built up a network of suppliers who we work with to tailor a solution for almost any business. We can assist you with Strategic Reviews and Planning of your IT needs, Networking and Security Services, transitioning to GNU/Linux or other free/open source solutions, building a presence on the world wide web or other hosting services or Custom Application Development. We also have a range of ready to go free/open source hardware appliances.

If you need IT to work for you and your business, why not contact DHC today to discuss how we can make your business run smarter.


PO Box 106
Newstead 3462

Contact Details

Phone 0410 474 255
Email info@davehall.com.au
Website http://davehall.com.au



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